A woman is closest to being naked when she is well dressed” – Coco Chanel. This is only one of Mademoiselle Chanel`s quotes that are worth following. And it couldn`t be truer. Have you ever seen a guy turn his head after a woman who lacks elegance? I haven`t. A man looks at our shoes, at our watches or belts, but they look also at how we wear our dress and how we style it up with the things we like.

Dresses have been around since the beginning of time and were so popular that even some men started wearing them, in the form of kilts. Sure, there was a time when the dress meant closure, secrecy and prohibition, but nowadays the dress is the ultimate symbol of femininity. Clothes, no matter the kind, speak out on your behalf. You can just walk in a room and say nothing; the short red dress matched with black stilettos will get your message with to him: “I am beautiful, strong and confident. If that`s OK with you we may go now.” Your clothes give you confidence. When I`m having a bad day I just pull my favorite skirt and top out from the back of my closet. I put them on and suddenly the world chances. The sun rises and the rain stops. I look marvelous. www.mallshoes.co.il

Shopping is a thrill for me. I love it because I get to try on different clothes, more than I usually buy; and I get to socialize. Sitting in the dressing rooms` hall allows you to interact with other people. I met my friend Jim this way. He was buying a new tux and he needed a third opinion so I stepped in. Plus it`s awesome to realize how much thinner your waist is and how your body looks since you last went shopping – this is the catch with some girls, because with men they end up buying just t-shirts every season.

I am very shy and it takes me weeks to actually tell someone I like him. I met my boyfriend at a friend`s wedding. He admired my dress and from then on we stayed together. He was wearing a blue suit, but he rocked in it and I ended up complementing him on his color choice. So, if you`re shy, just get some nice clothes and you are out of the pickle.

Clothes mean romance and getting over it. The greatest memory yet is making sandwiches in the morning wearing my boyfriend’s shirt and my Ugg Boots. That moment would have been much duller without the clothes and shoes. Another clothes related memory is when I wore an oh-so-short tinsel dress in the club while trying to get over a fight with my boyfriend. I looked fabulous and felt great when all the men, including him were bobbing around me. That is another thing clothes do for you.

Let`s go over it again. What do clothes do for you? They speak up on your behalf; they give you confidence and the power to go over some mishaps. They help you interact with new people and contribute to fine memories. Plus, they draw attention on you…

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