As you have surfed the Internet over the past few years. I am sure that you have heard of the above 3 browsers.

So what is an Internet browser? It is your window to the Internet. From which, you surf web pages, watch you tube videos and do Internet banking.

Internet Explorer which is installed on your PC if you are using a windows system.

Fire-fox was officially born in 2004 which started as an alternate web browser as an substitute to Internet browser. However its history dated back to 2002.

Lastly, Chrome, being the new kid on the block, was launched by Google and is slowly gaining market share.

What defines as the best Internet browser?

Web Browser Security

I believe most of us are looking for security and functionalities in our browser.

The best Internet browser in terms security, I will say both fire fox and chrome are secure web browsers.

From my own experience in using Internet browsers, previous version of Internet explorer was the one that gave me the most issues. Problems i faced includes browser hijack and script errors on websites when the web pages are working perfectly fine in fire fox and chrome.

However since the release of Internet explorer 8, problems have been reduced and the browser is more stable.

With refer to PWN2OWN, a contest which contestants hack into various operating systems through Internet browsers. The event took place at Mar 18 2009

If you are not into technical details. The results are as follows

Internet Explorer 8, Firefox and Safari are hacked into. Google Chrome is the only browser that is not hacked by hackers.

Functionalities and Customization

In terms of functions and customization, firefox is at the top spot. Even though Internet Explorer is catching up, it still pretty far away from the leader as firefox had much more customized addon as compared to IE.

Addons or plugins are programs meant to provide additional features that the original browser does not have. Some examples will be download accelerators, news report and weather watcher.

Chrome loses out on features. It serves to work as your basic Internet browser without any addons. However, this is the feature that make chrome safe.

Internet Browser Addons

Although addons give you additional features and functions, addons could be written by hackers. By installing them, you are basically welcoming hackers into your PC.

If you are just a casual web surfer who only wishes to surf the Internet, chrome is strongly recommended.

However, if you prefer a customized browser which have almost everything yet is safe, firefox is the overall a better browser for you.

I hope this article provides you with ample information about Windows-based Internet browsers. As for the best Internet browsers? You decide yourself.

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