The right combination of resources is like a treasure chest to a trainer. This article highlights eight online jewels that will enhance your youth leadership program, and they are just a click away. While some resources are free, others require a fee. The list includes activities and lessons that can be downloaded, games, books, software, videos, and more.

Practical Money Skills
To support financial literacy education, Visa produces classroom resources for grades 7-12. Download a free comprehensive guide for teachers, student activities, or a Power Point presentation. Remember, every leader benefits from knowing how to make, save, and invest money.
Rich Dad
Rich Dad is another excellent resource to obtain financial literacy materials. In addition to books for kids and teens, Rich Dad has board games.
On Course Newsletter
College instructors share successful teaching techniques in the On Course Newsletter. In each subscription, you receive a feature article, an overview of a lesson along with step-by-step instructions, a list of materials, a summary of the outcome, and lessons learned. Even though the newsletter is geared towards college instructors, the strategies and lessons are equally effective at the precollege level.
Trainers Warehouse
Trainers Warehouse is the one-stop-shop for serious trainers and educators. Certificates, software, games, memory aids, books, stoplights, and learning mints are among some of the unique selections. You name it, and Trainers Warehouse has it.
The Wisdom Center
If you are a youth minister or work with churches, The Wisdom Center is a great resource to consider. Here, you will find books and videos on leadership and related topics. Many of the materials are geared toward teenagers and young adults.
Discovery School
Discovery School contains a host of resources. One I especially like is the puzzle creation tool. You can develop crossword and word search puzzles. I enjoy using puzzles to introduce leadership terms to teens.
JIST Publishing
JIST Publishing offers assessments, books, workbooks, videos, games, and computer resources. The materials are reasonably priced and geared towards specific groups. For instance, JIST has materials for special needs and adjudicated youth.
Amazon has discounts on out-of-print books as well as affordable prices on videos. If you do not already use Amazon, you are missing out.
In short, I have found these resources to be invaluable. They have helped me to achieve my training objectives, and I believe that they can benefit you too. However, check them out for yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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