When you think of comfortable running shoes, the first company that comes to mind is Nike. This is because they have a reputation for creating high-quality and great performing shoes. One such shoe is the Nike Air Max Tailwind. This article will take a look at this popular sneaker and find out why it is considered to be one of the most comfortable running shoes around.

There are certain features that running shoes need to have if they are going to be considered to be good. The shoe needs to be comfortable, fits good, offer high performance and has great traction. When it comes to the Nike Air Max Tailwind, it is able to do this extremely well. The comfort of the shoe is courtesy of the technologically advanced Nike Air Max Cushioning system. This system is found under the shoe at is perfect at absorbing shock generated from the impact. This is not transferred to the runner and the end result is a shoe that provides a comfortable ride. The shoe also fits well thanks to the great lacing system as well an upper that is designed for runners. The upper is made out lightweight and breathable material, that adds to a great running experience. There is also excellent traction due to the BRS 1000 outsole.

General Overview of the Nike Air Max Tailwind Running Shoe

The shoe has a mesh upper that is breathable
Has overlays that will allow the show to have a great fit
Underfoot support and extra comfort, courtesy of the molded EVA sockliner
Reflective elements make it perfect to be worn in low light conditions
Comfortable ride and cushioning courtesy of low pressure heel air sole that has its support from foam pillars
Comes with an Air Max system
Cushlon is found in the midsole, adds to the overall cushioning
Good traction courtesy of rubber outsole
The shoe is Nike+ ready
As you can see the Nike Air Max Tailwind is a shoe that has the runner in mind. It has all the great elements that come together to create a shoe that is comfortable and high performing. This is definite must have and you will not regret your purchase.

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