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Nowadays we are inundated with Online classes – no longer do we have to drive or fly miles and miles to attend our favorite art retreats. We have access to our favorite instructors with a simple click of the mouse. The only problem is choosing the right class for you. How do you find the perfect class to take? Here are 4 tips on finding a class that fits the bill:

Who are your favorite mixed media artists? Find out if they teach classes. Many artists are now jumping on the bandwagon and are taking advantage of teaching in the comfort of their homes while wearing their jammies! Do a search for your favorite artists, check out their websites and see if they offer online classes. You might even want to e-mail them and ask if they are considering teaching online classes. This might just be the ticket to put a bug in their ear. Not only is it cheaper for the instructor to teach since they don’t have to pay the costs of airfare and hotels but they can teach from home and share their expertise!
Study the artists you admire. Do you like their style? Are they teaching in a way that appeals to you? Do they have a blog? If so do you enjoy their style of writing? If you are a “to the letter” kind of person you’ll want to take a class from a very organized artist. If you are more “go with the flow” and enjoy some of the artist’s life to seeping into the classes then notice if the artist shares their life with the reader.
Frequent forums in your area of interest. It might be altered clothing, journaling or collaging. There are forums for absolutely everything. You’ll find some forum-posters are more knowledgeable than others. Check out the tag line beneath their name. Often the artists will include a link to their blogs, website and online classes. Read what they write about on the forums and notice if they respond and answer other posters questions. Are they knowledgeable and interesting?
Go to YouTube and put your area of interest in the search box and numerous videos will come up for you to choose from. Peruse the videos and notice which artists works and videos you enjoy best. Often many of them are teaching online classes. If they are not already it’s people like you who encourage them to do so. It’s easy to check out an artist’s personality this way. Do they have the kind of personality that inspires you to be creative and not fear making mistakes? Do you like zany and offbeat personalities? Well you’ll find them and more on YouTube.
If you follow these 4 steps you will be sure to find at least a few artists offering classes in Mixed Media that turn on your creative juices. You’ll be able to learn new skills, share your art with others online and have fun all while learning in your pj’s! How wonderful is that?

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