To facilitate the design manner in          https://lifestylemanagment.com/       each artwork form, there are certain hints that all expert designers
ought to use. These are referred to as factors and ideas of layout. This examine is a survey done to evaluate the
information of dressmakers about fundamental design inside the Ho Municipality of Ghana. Sixty dressmakers were
randomly sampled for the look at. A mixture of questionnaires and purposive interview have been used to gather
facts for evaluation. It changed into located out that every one the dressmakers had an concept approximately only one element of layout, which
is, line. Lack of formal schooling in fashion layout turned into a main contributive aspect to their understanding deficit.
The look at concludes that, simple layout has a fine effect at the designer’s overall performance and therefore serves
as an important tool used to obtain competitive advantage within the style layout enterprise.
Keywords: Dressmaker, fashion fashion designer, design, simple design, design detail, design standards
Basic design is the handiest and maximum essential feature utilized in making plans a work of artwork. The structure of any art
work is based on the business enterprise of the elements consistent with the ideas of layout. In every artwork shape there
are sure pointers that all expert designers use whether or not consciously or sub-consciously and those are
referred to as layout factors and principles (Burke, 2011). It is consequently critical to country that any design
concerning fashion can in no way be entire with out the factors and the ideas of design. Fashion is the
ideal of beauty currently commonplace via a given phase of the populace even as the technique of making new patterns
in garb, millinery and foot-put on is known as style designing (Tate, 1989).
An effective designing can be identified with the aid of the wide range of elements of design considered with the ability and
judgment used to pick and integrate the elements in a fashion. Design ideas are courses for using layout
elements (Amenuke et al, 1999). They are implemented in conditions in which one desires to create an attractive layout,
for example, as utilized in style styles. To be a a hit fashion designer, a thorough know-how and knowledge of
the simple principles of layout is crucial when designing (Cronje, 1996). There are several ideas or aspects of
layout that want to be stored in mind. These elements of design may be categorised into areas which can be the
ideas and elements of design.
1.1 The elements of design
Elements of design are the simple components or traits which might be used inside the design process (Amenuke et al, 1999). The
four simple substances or factors of design utilized in style are form or silhouette, line, shade and texture.
1.2 Shape or Silhouette
A silhouette can be defined because the outline of the entire garment. This is the most apparent visible detail of the
garment. It creates the preliminary effect earlier than every other information are observed. The form shaped by means of the outer strains of
apparel is referred to as silhouette. It is what others notice from a distance and it’s far chargeable for the first
impressions. Silhouettes generally tend to repeat themselves in cycles in the course of history (Vanderhoff, 1973). Vanderhoff
further explained that the silhouette encloses all different layout strains in an outfit. Throughout each decade as developments
expand so extraordinary fashion silhouettes evolve and those compliment the form of the frame or exaggerated to
accentuate a specific a part of the frame (Burke, 2011).

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